Salvation Basics

Salvation is both easy and difficult. In no way do we earn our salvation. It is a gift. The Old Testament system of sacrifice pointed out the fact that we weren’t good enough. Every year a sacrifice had to be made and humanity would never escape its sinfulness.

Because salvation is a free gift there is also nothing that we can do to repay that gift. Once we are saved, we do not act good because of a duty to be good. Instead we bear fruit for God because our lives have been changed. For more on this idea see the article “Bearing Fruit.”

Even though salvation is a free gift, we must be careful not to boil it down to a onetime thing. There is power in praying for salvation but this is the start of a journey with the Lord, not something that can be done and forgotten about.

The truth is that salvation can be broken down into very easy steps. The ABC’s of Salvation and the Romans Road are the two simplest. For more methods of evangelism or some helpful ideas, visit our sister site Christian Evangelism.

At the moment of our salvation we are heaven bound. When we place our trust in Jesus and He forgives our sins, there are no more requirements to be a Christian. But God wants us to grow closer to Him and that is a lifelong journey. Obedience is required after salvation in order to have the best possible relationship with God. Just as sin separated us from God before salvation, our continued sin – even though it has been forgiven – effects our relationship with God.

A Christian’s life should also be an abundant life. Just as parents don’t come up with a bunch of rules to prevent us from having any fun, God’s rules are in our best interest as well. We seek to follow God because we love Him, we want the best possible relationship with Him, and He wants the best life possible for us.

The moment of salvation, the time when our sins are forgiven through the blood of Jesus, is easy. Salvation and living the Christian life should be thought of as a lifetime journey. There will be bumps along the way but we don’t need to fear them because God is with us on the journey.

This site contains some in depth looks on theology and how one interprets the Bible.  However, that isn’t what salvation is about.  This section, these few pages, are all about the basics of salvation.  The idea is not to “just” get someone saved but rather, these are the things that a Bible believing church should believe about salvation.  We’ll differ on our interpretations of theology but as far as what it takes to become saved, we should be in agreement.

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