Welcome to Spreading Light Sermons

Spreading Light Sermons are free to use as a reference or for research for anyone who is studying the Bible.  They are valuable for the pastor who is looking for a sermon topic or for someone who is studying the Bible and wants to learn more about a particular passage or Biblical idea.

While we recommend that pastor’s and lay leaders – anyone who would deliver a sermon – use these sermons only as a part of their own research or to create an outline for their own thoughts, we realize that there may be times that you wish to simply give the sermon that is presented here on this site.  You are permitted to do so but we ask that you acknowledge that the sermon is not your own work.  And we’d appreciate it if you mentioned that you found the sermon here and encourage others to check out the site for themselves.

There are a few ways to navigate this site.  Across the top there is a breakdown of sermon series.  There are numerous sermons series of different books of the Bible as well as sermons on several popular topics.  You’ll also find Christmas and Easter sermons, as well as a couple of series, listed under the sermon topics.

In addition to the sermon series, there are well over one hundred individual sermons.  There are two ways to sort through these sermons to find one on a particular subject or book of the Bible that you want.  You may use the search box, located on your upper left, to find any particular word that you’re looking for.  Also, for your convenience, all of the individual sermons have been tagged according to their main topics as well as the book of the Bible that their main text comes from.  You can find the sermon tags on the right, probably not too far beneath this post.

We hope that this sermon section is a good resource for whatever your Bible needs are.  These sermons have been contributed and collected over a period of more than a decade and contributors have come from all around the world so there are many different types of sermons here.

One final note: These sermons have been screened and we don’t believe that there is anything in them that speaks contrary to what the Bible says.  That being said, the appearance of any sermon on this site does not mean that Spreading Light Ministries necessarily endorses its content or theological position.