Think Positive Thoughts

by Pat Gray

“Set your minds and keep them set on what is above (the higher things), not on the things that are on the earth.” (Colossians 3:2 AMP)

God has good thoughts and good plans for His children. He has given us the power and authority to control our own thought lives. It is up to us to change our thinking with His word. Our minds are renewed by God’s word as we read, study and meditate on the scriptures. Joshua says we should meditate day and night on God’s word to have good success.

God wants us to be spiritually minded, which is having our minds set on what the Holy Spirit desires. The mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace. The carnal mind is a way of thinking that opposes the Word of God. The carnal mind is set on the things that gratify the flesh and is death. Satan wants to keep us carnally minded so he can control our lives. He brings his lies to our minds so he can discourage, depress and ultimately destroy us. Satan is a liar and never tells the truth. We can refuse to his lies.

Our victory begins with right thinking. We must choose positive thoughts. It is the truth of God’s word that will set us free. We must continue to choose right thoughts daily and not give up. God does not give up on us. He is always there to strengthen us when we call on Him for help. He wants to help us get the victory in every area of our lives.

God will help us cast down wrong thoughts and take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.  He will take us forward, little by little, to win one small battle at a time. He wants us to enjoy our lives as we rely on Him to give us victory one day at a time.

We should ask God to give us an attitude of gratitude as we trust Him to bring us through our hardships and to bring good from them. We are told to endure hardship as a good soldier and to fight the good fight of faith. Forgetting what is behind, we must press toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called us heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Paul told the Philippians to think on these things; whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy. Positive thinking produces positive lives. God’s word is positive and uplifting. Think on His word, what He says about you, your family and your circumstances. Right thinking is a vital necessity to victorious living.

We must remain in close fellowship with God, through prayer and His word, to experience victory. We should take everything to God in prayer and trust Him to take care of us.

God promises that if we will set our minds on Him, He will keep us in perfect and constant peace. We must commit ourselves to Him, lean on Him and hope confidently in Him.

Let us love, honor and glorify God with our thoughts, words and actions. Remember to think good thoughts!

Pray this:

“Heavenly Father, I pray that you would help me to be conscious of my thoughts. I want my thoughts to line up with Your word. Thank You for renewing my mind as I read, study and meditate on Your word. Thank You for giving me victory over my thought life.”

“In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Be Ye Thankful

by Paul Huffmaster


1. The last 3 words in Col. 3:15 are a big challenge to me.  Does anyone know what these last 3 words are?  Be ye thankful.
2. The word thanks or synonyms for thanks are mentioned 150 times.
3. This may not seem like much until you compare it to other words, such as: adultery (64 times), stealing (21 times), covetousness (41 times), idolatry (111 times), kill (144 times).
4. In these 150 passages we are either:
-exhorted to give thanks
-people are giving thanks
-people are exhorted because they are not thankful
5. The fact that the word thanks is mentioned 150 times shows that we are to give thanks, and it is a good thing to give thanks.

Col. 3:15.Be Ye Thankful

How many times have you read about the Israelites in the wilderness and become somewhat annoyed at their unthankfulness and murmuring toward Moses and God?
Ex. 14:10-murmured out of fear
Ex. 15:24-no water
Ex. 16:2-no food
Ex. 17:3-no water

When they had the food and drink they didn’t like it.  I empathize with them.
Num. 11: 1-complaining, murmuring, being unthankful displeases the Lord

Because God doesn’t like it we need to stop it and be thankful.

-We need an attitude of gratitude.
-Our expectations often cause us to be unthankful.
-The Israelites expected life to be easier in the desert.
-Life is not easier as Christians.  You gave up your sinful ways, which you love, and now you are to love that which you used to hate.  Ex:  I like sports.
Who are we to be thankful to?
1. God through Jesus Christ.  Eph. 5:20
2. To other people that help us.  Mt. 26:13, Ro. 16:1-16
Thankfulness to others should lead us back to God.  Phil. 1:3
This is all we are to give thanks to not anything else (not our “lucky stars”, mother nature, guardian angels, etc.)

Why be thankful?
1. Commanded-Col. 3:15, Psa. 100:4.  Isn’t it sad and an indication of our sinful nature that God, who rescued His people from their sins and hell, has to tell us to give Him thanks?

I don’t believe that it is our nature to say thank you.  Saying thank you shows our dependence on someone else.  I have to constantly tell my children to say “thank you.”
You don’t always have to feel it to do it.  But if you do it you will feel it.  It will make you feel better.

2. It is a good thing to do.  Psa. 92:1.  We all know that we should give thanks always and in every situation.  Eph. 5:20.  Easy to give thanks for “good,” but not so easy with the “bad.”  To help you give thanks in every situation:  -Try to remember the past and how God has delivered you.  I Cor. 10:13
-Remember that trials are for our good.  Ja. 1:2,3.  Ex: Pain is for our good, even though we don’t think so at the time.
-Is this serious or just an inconvenience?
-God’s keeping you from further problems.
-Leading you in another direction to something that is better for you.  Ex: Being a police officer.

3. A simple way to please God.  Anybody can do it.  Lu. 17:16-18.  Leper with Jesus.  -10% returned to give thanks.
-The difference between an obedient heart and a thankful heart.   Obedience can be cold.  Thankfulness is never cold.
-Mt. 26:13.  Gave from thankfulness.  She wasn’t a theologian; she was an uneducated prostitute.  Obedience is usually reasonable.  Thankfulness is giving from the heart.

4. A simple way to encourage others.
-When we encourage others by being thankful for what they did it encourages them.  I believe that pleases and glorifies God.  Why do I say that?  Because God tells us to be like Him.
-If someone helps you thank them.
-If someone needs encouraging, encourage them because this will cause them to give thanks to God.
-God is kind to us, He encourages us, and He takes notice of us.
-When we are thankful to others we are being as God would have us to be: 1)Kind, 2)Encourage, 3) Notice.  Lu. 6:31.
-Did Jesus do this?  Jn. 9:35.  He found this man; this was very kind and encouraging to the man.

5. They give thanks to God in heaven.  Rev. 4:9, 7:12.  Being thankful here helps you prepare for heaven.  When you are thankful you are in good company.

6.   Being thankful will help us from sin.
-What sin?  Not serving, not praying, murmuring, lack of contentment.
-How does the thankful heart act?  By serving, by praying (start your prayer by telling God thanks), not murmuring, complaining, or whining, being content

7.   A thankful heart = a willing heart.
A willing heart = a cheerful heart.
A cheerful heart makes a cheerful giver.  God loves a cheerful giver; so do we.
We have a lot to be thankful for.
-If you know you are saved, have sound mind, and if you are still here.
-Be thankful for the things that you did not get that you did want.
-You know what you call things that you got that you didn’t need or never use: white elephant.
-Be thankful for the things that you didn’t get that you didn’t want: sickness.