Even though Christmas is the most celebrated holiday on the calendar, Easter is the most important one on the Christian calendar.  Without Easter, there would be no point in celebrating Christmas for Christ would just be like any other man.

Fortunately there was an Easter; there was a Resurrection Sunday as some insist on calling it.

The sermons below are focused on the week surrounding Easter and are concerned with Jesus’ death and resurrection.  Like all of our sermons, our Easter sermons are free for anyone’s use, we only ask that you give proper credit for where you got it.

Back to Basics: Christ Crucified

Pierced for Our Iniquities

Why Holy Week is Holy

Authority Over Death

Beyond the Tomb – A New Creation

The Atonement (Theologies of the Cross)

He is Risen

The Last Days of Jesus’ Earthly Ministry – A four part series covering the triumphal entry, Calvary, the resurrection, and Jesus’ ascension

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