James is one of the most hard hitting books in the Bible.  I believe that studying it will step on the toes of most Christians who wish to follow his words.

Beyond the hard hitting nature of the book, there is controversy over the book.  Martin Luther didn’t like the book of James because of his talk that “faith without works is dead.”  Luther thought that this harkened too closely to the Catholic teaching that he had abandoned and therefore put the book of James last in his German translation of the Bible.

Of course James covers many issues concerning faith and it also delves into contemporary issues such as poverty and our treatment of others.

Below is a 10 part sermon series on the book of James.  There are links to in depth Bible commentary on the book within each sermon or you can go directly to Bible study on James.

Trials and Temptations

The Believer and the Word

The Believer and Favoritism

Faith and Deeds

Taming the Tongue

True Wisdom

Humbleness Before God

A Late Warning to America

Patience in Suffering

The Prayer of Faith

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