Exodus is one of the most important books in all of the Bible.  It is known mostly for the giving of the Ten Commandments and Sunday school stories such as Moses at the burning bush and the crossing of the Red Sea.  Nevertheless, this book is full of important information.

The first half of Exodus is full of action that will keep the story moving right along but it is not absent of important theology as well.  When the ten plagues are inflicted upon Egypt these are more than just miracles meant to awe the people at the power of God.  The plagues are a systematic attack at each of the gods of Egypt and God is shown to be superior than all of the idols.

Right in the middle of the book are the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20.  A close look will find that these are not just ten rules to live by but rather it shows us the code that we should make all of our decision by.

The second half of the book many people are likely to quickly thumb through but in doing so they will miss out on a lot.  By giving us the instructions for the construction of the tabernacle and a detailed description of the priestly garments we have incredible pictures of Jesus.  It is absolutely no coincidence that we are given all of the details for these things.

The Birth of Moses & His Early Life

The Burning Bush


Bricks Without Straw

Signs & Plagues


More Plagues

The Final Plagues

The Passover

Baptized in the Red Sea

The Bare Necessities

Water from the Rock

A Lesson in Leadership

On Top of Mount Sinai

The Big Ten – part 1

The Big Ten – part 2

Personal Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Commanded Parties

Articles for the Tabernacle


Oil for My Lamp

The Priestly Garments

Pictures of Jesus


The Smell of Clean

Spiritual Gifts

The Golden Calf

The Glory of the Lord

Reflections of God

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