The book of Ephesians is like many of Paul’s other letters.  It is relatively short but it packs a powerful punch.  Ephesians deals with some deep theological issues but it also tackles some very practical matters such as marriage.  The book is not without a “famous” passage as well as chapter six discusses the armor of God and lays out our struggle against the devil.

This series on Ephesians has broken its six chapters into seven sermons – sorry to those who wanted something broken more evenly.  As you read, you’ll notice that the key phrase for the book is “in Christ” as it appears numerous times throughout the book.  With a bit of forcing, each sermon could have been titled with “in Christ” as part of the title.  Nevertheless you’ll find that theme throughout, regardless of how the sermons are titled.

Spiritual Blessings

Alive in Christ

One in Christ

Maturity in Christ

Children of the Light

Love and Marriage

The Armor of God

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