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The following authors have contributed at least two sermons to the site.  Most sermons on this site that do not have an author attributed to them should be considered to have been written by our founder, Pastor Mike Stine.  Most individual sermons by Pastor Mike are listed with him as the author but not all sermon series list him.

Tony Abram

Armor of God, The –  a message on Ephesians 6:10-17

Eight Keys to the Harvest – The harvest is now, we must work for Jesus now!

Worship – We were created with a spirit, soul and body to worship God.

Phil Bliss

“I” Church, The – There is no “I” in church

God has the time.  Do You? – A New Year’s sermons with motivation to pray to get you through the year!

Robert G. Brooks

Atonement, The – Theologies of the cross

Dark in the Forest, Strange as Time – Creation and the Devil – John 3:19

Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild – Jesus could be tough as well as gentle.

Give Unto Yahweh the Glory Due Unto His Name – The English word “God” is vague.  The ancient Hebrews were more specific.

It pays to serve Satan – A brief sermon about how serving Satan pays in ways a Christian wants to afford

Keepers of the Sacred Fire – A call to Christians to “lift the torch of truth, and pass it on from all the Christians of past history”

Let The Walls Come Tumblin’ Down – Tearing down walls that obstruct the Christian from doing God’s will

One Way Street and a Super-Highway, A – The broad and the narrow ways – Matthew 7:13-14

Pitchers! Torches! Trumpets! and Swords! – Analyzing Gideon and his preparation for battle

Thrill is Gone, The – What happens when the love of Christ grows cold – Revelations 2:1-7

Time, Strange Time – A perspective on time from Ecclesiastes 3

What the World Needs Now – An outline for a Valentine’s Day Sermon

Why Don’t You Invite Jesus for Supper? – Inviting Jesus in

You have a besetting sin – An old fashioned sermon on sin

Paul George

Apex of Creation, The – The honor and favor God placed upon man

Authority of Jesus Series, The – A series of sermons that shows Jesus demonstrating His authority

Be a Peacemaker – This seventh Beatitude has to do more with conduct than with character

Before The Bar Of Justice – Disobedience brings guilt

Beginnings of Men and Women, The – This the account of how God created the first man and women.

Conditions for Fellowship – Jesus is the subject of good news

Contending for the Faith – Defending God’s truth

Divisions in the Church – Disturbing news about the behavior of the members of the church at Corinth

Gentle Man, The – Who are the blessed in this world, the meek or proud?

Grace of God, The – Paul’s testimony concerning the grace of God

Good News According to Luke – A three part series – Luke is writing a historical account of the acts and teachings of Jesus’ carefully researched, historical and eyewitness accounts so that Theophilus may have a true knowledge about the nature of his faith, that he has been taught.  Part 2, Part 3

He is Risen – The resurrection of Jesus

It Happened In A Garden – How evil, violence, pain, and suffering entered a perfect world

Jericho to the Cross –  A four part series from Matthew 21-23 – The rejection of the nation by Jesus and His answers to the questions of Herodians, Sadducees, and Pharisees. Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Laying up Treasures – A preoccupation with hoarding earthly treasure makes little practical sense.

Life in the Kingdom of Heaven – A three part series – The Sermon on the Mount contradicts the man’s view of life Part 2, Part 3

Living by Faith – We are not justified by works

Message from the King, A – An overview of Matthew 5,6,&7

Message of Hope, The – The source of hope from Psalm 39

Ministry of the Holy Spirit, The – Correcting misunderstandings about the Holy Spirit in the Corinthian Church

Paul’s Instructions – Paul’s instructions to Timothy and the bishops and deacons

Paul’s Letter to the Galatians – Justification is a judicial act by God.
Part 2 – How men, sinful by nature can come to God who is holy by nature
Part 3 – Paul compares the pre-gospel age to a child under age and the Church to an adult
Part 4 – Freedom from bondage of the law

Person Of The King, The – Evidence presented by Matthew Jesus is the Messiah

Salvation by Faith – Salvation is a gift from God

Seeking the Praise of God or Men – How to avoid seeking the praise of men in favor of God’s praise

Sticks and Stones – Answers the question who will be in the kingdom of heaven

This is not the Right Time – Putting self ahead of God

Trouble in Ephesus – The source of the trouble in Ephesus was the same as it is in local churches today.

Troubled Land, A – A four part series from Chronicles – part 2, part 3, part 4

What in the World is Happening? – A four part series from Isaiah 46 & 12 – part 2, part 3, part 4

What you see may not be the truth – A critical look at judgment and criticism

Where is your Brother? – The results of uncontrolled emotions

Why Did Jesus Come Into This World – An answer to why Jesus came into this world.

Wide Gate or the Narrow Gate, The – Although the nation Israel knew nothing of democracy they were inclined to follow the majority in spiritual matters.

Worship Part 1 – Worship has innumerable forms.

Worship Part 2 – In order for our worship to be pleasing to God, it must be according to the principles set down in the Bible.

Pat Gray

Power of Prayer, The – How to pray effectively based on James 5:16

Think Positive Thoughts – Setting our hearts on things above and reflecting on the good things of God.

Ron Schwartz

Assembling of Ourselves Together – Why we need the rest of the members of the body of Christ

Kingdom of God, The – Are you eagerly searching for the kingdom of God?

Legends, Fairy Tales, Truth or Traditions – What are we following, truth or traditions?

Spiritual Values – What are we without love?  Perhaps like two churches mentioned in Revelation – or maybe just a resounding gong.

Boniface Simiyu

Overcoming as Jesus did – Learning to overcome from the passage of when Jesus walked on water

Word of God:, The – Our Identity, Our Messenger, and Our Litmus Test of Truth and Lies

Staci Stallings

60 Years Headed to Forever – Finding love in marriage that lasts forever

Abide in Me – The benefits of resting upon the promises of God

Dave Strem

Redeeming the Storms – God at His core has a redemptive heart and for the Christian to be most like Jesus Christ he or she must also live life in a redemptive way.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – Series of “Greats of the Faith”

Triumphal Entry, Calvary, Resurrection, and Ascension – series – Series on the last days of Jesus’ ministry

Learning from Isaiah series – 12 messages from the book of Isaiah

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