It Pays to Serve Satan

Romans 6:23

by Robert Brooks


“For sin pays a wage and the wage is death.” (Revised English Bible)

I.          The Employer
Jesus called him the “prince of this world.”  He is the dark lord of hell – Satan.

II. Working for Satan
A. All of us want to be employed and receive wages.  Some of us even like to work, while others merely keep an eye on the clock thinking mainly of that paycheck!
B. Millions are duped, ignorant that they are working for the prince of this world. (John 14: 30)
1. Parents desire the best in materialism and education, but their children are poverty stricken spiritually.
2. Many parents are theoretical theist:  they believe, they say, in God, a Force, something—but their lives reveal the lie, no church, and no absorption of Holy Scripture.  Their language reeks profanity, like an open sewer!  Saying one believes in God is futile without surrender to worship.  “You believe in one God; you do well: the devils believe and they tremble.” James 2: 19
3. There are the sports fans who “sack out” on Sunday morning and “worship” the Rams, the Patriots, etc. on Sunday afternoons (even in sub-zero weather).
4. Many of these are “good” people, good neighbors, but they are neglecting the God who created them, and are heading for destruction.
5. The latest statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (Mother’s Against Drunk Driving, 2003), say 17,013 people were killed in alcohol related crashes.  This is an average of one life lost about every half-hour.  My soul!  And they are going to advertise hard liquor on race cars!  I understand that NASCAR will soon allow liquor ads on their race cars (they have for years displayed beer ads).  Their drivers would not even be allowed to drive their cars if they were drinking the slop they advertise!
6. Dying and suffering from AIDS is rampant.  Promiscuity and pornography are paying off in crime, death, and suffering.

III. It Pays to Serve Satan!
A. He pays, the trouble is, in point of fact, he pays off in counterfeit money!  All of his checks bounce!  His credit cards have the highest interest rate—death!
B. Even backslidden Christians work for him.  They reap death also:  the death of a prayer permeated life.  They miss out on the comfort and help of God’s Word (scripture) in their lives.  They miss the opportunities of sharing through tithing.  Their lives are dead to sharing the Gospel at home and through mission giving. (1 Peter 5:8)

Who are you employed by?  If you are working for Christ, He pays eternal dividends. (John 3: 16).  If you are working for Satan, he is a liar and a cheat!

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