November Devotions

The devotions for November are up now. They deal with the theme of thanksgiving. As I was writing I came to realize more and more that we simply don’t off thanks to God often enough. I’ll be taking a couple of weeks off from devotions, both to give my brain a break from devotions and to work on some other projects. I will be working on redoing the online Bible dictionary with a new design. After looking at my statistics, I decided to keep the pages hosted on spreadinglight. It will only take a day or two to switch the pages. After that I will be adding more definitions. This will be an ongoing project that I will be working on between other web projects. I figure that I will basically never run out of things to write about in relation to the Bible. In addition to theological definitions, I will be adding sections on Bible places, people of the Bible, and a discussion of Biblical weights and measurements.

Long Term Goals

This year I have launched several new websites – I’ve honestly lost count but I think there might be 14 – under the Spreading Light Ministries umbrella.  As the year winds down I will probably be doing less expansion and more maintenance.  I’m sure that I’ll have a great idea sometime in the middle of the night and that will spawn a few more sites but for the most part I think I’m going to slow down on new sites.

There are all sorts of things that I have to add to current sites however and this will continue.  I literally have a to do list that goes back to 2005 that I have not completed everything on.  So there’s plenty left to add.

At the top of my priority list is the completion of eight more months of devotions.  I hope to be able to do one month’s worth every month until I have the entire year set.  This was my goal last year too but I have more time to devote to not just devotions but all of my web projects now.

Next on the list is more theological definitions.  This is a long term goal and I don’t think that I’d ever run out of things to write if I chose to keep adding definitions.  What I am still debating is whether to keep the dictionary under or to launch a new site for the definitions.  There are advantages to both and I haven’t fully decided what I’m doing yet.  One thing that I am sure of is that the design will be different from the current Spreading Light design and more like the newest sites in form and function.  It’s a cookie cutter design but I’ve really come to like it and it makes it easy to launch a new site.

Third on my priority list is additions to the Bible studies.  I’m always interested in adding more Bible studies as they have had good success on the site.  Now my goal is to have at least one study for every book of the Bible.  This will obviously take a very long time if I write them all myself.  I hope to post a study on the Gospel of John in late winter/early spring when I finish preaching through it.  I also have a study on Malachi that I’ve done before that I may be able to post before John, it depends on how my schedule works out.

So those are the long term plans.  They’re all subject to change of course but that’s how I see things working on currently.  I will be making regular posts here about any new projects that are going on.  For now I’m going to work on some devotions for the month of November.