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Every Sunday, Christian feed themselves spiritually through a worship service and by listening to a sermon.  Christianity is not just a one day a week lifestyle however.  How does a Christian continue to feed themselves spiritually throughout the week?  Many Christians learn more of the Bible through use of a daily devotional or a Bible study.

Bible studies come in all different shapes and sizes.  Some are designed to be done in a group with a leader who may or may not have a leader book with special questions and answers.  Other studies are designed for an individual to go at their own pace.

Often, Bible studies are done with the aid of videos or CD’s featuring the author of the study.  Some have lesson booklets with questions for each student to fill in.  Others are meant as conversation starters to get the ball rolling on a topic.

You’ll find all different kinds of Bible studies on this site.  Some are meant to be printed out and have discussion questions.  You can work on them in a group or alone.

No matter what you are looking for in a Bible study, you should find it here.  And if you’ve written a Bible study yourself, you can contribute it to this site so that others may share in your study.  You can send it to us to host here or we can provide a link to your site.

In addition to Bible studies that are geared toward a weekly setting, we are blessed to have great Bible commentaries by Pastor Bob Conway.  Pastor Bob is Pastor Mike’s spiritual mentor and has granted permission to post his numerous in depth commentaries online.

For your own personal study, we’ve also provided information on choosing a study Bible and information regarding popular study Bibles.  See the posts above for more information about specific study Bibles.

Some of these studies are hosted here on this site while other links will take you to other sites within the Spreading Light Network of sites.

Bible study topics/themes

Spiritual Gifts Inventory What is a Healthy Church?
Prayer Discipleship
“One Another’s” (love) The Beatitudes
Attributes of God Evangelism
Covenants Mount Olivet Discourse

In depth Bible studies by Bob Conway

Life and Passion of Christ The Holy Spirit
How to study the Bible Life of the Apostle Paul
Decoding Daniel Experiencing Exodus
Romans Salvation Unsealing Revelation

Zondervan NIV Study Bible

The Zondervan NIV Study Bible was first released in 1985 to a lot of fanfare.  Since then it has gone through several revisions and has received numerous awards as well.  This is the best selling study Bible on the market plain and simple.  More people use the NIV study Bible than any other study Bible.  Likewise, the NIV translation is the most popular translation in the English language.  In short, there are a lot of people using this study Bible and with good reason.  

There are currently two versions of the NIV study Bible on the market.  The 2008 version is what most are familiar with but a new version has been released in 2011.  The study notes are mostly the same but the 2011 version has updated NIV language.  Since the most recent update in 1984 the English language has changed and the newest version reflects this change.  You won’t see much change in the wording but ocassionally you’ll notice a word difference like what used to say “all men” might now say “all people”.  Overall it’s the same great Bible with a few word differences.  It’s worth pointing out though because most people will still be reading from the older version and you’ll notice slight word differences.

The Zondervan NIV Study Bible is full of valuable study notes and helpful features. It contains over 20,000 study notes on biblical passages. It also has over 900 character profiles and 425 archaeological explanations.  With these notes you’ll be able to have a better understanding of what it means when the Bible speaks of a talent of silver and you’ll know exactly where Jesus traveled when it says that He went to Bethany.

The Zondervan NIV Study Bible doesn’t stop at just explanation however. It has almost 3,000 personal applications to make scripture more than just an abstract book.

Since 1985 Zondervan’s NIV study Bible has been read by millions of Bible readers and it has been constantly updated with the most current information. The latest revision in 2008 includes updates to 25% of its study notes to ensure that it is as up to date as possible.

The NIV Study Bible comes in all bindings – paperback, hardback, and leather. It also comes in standard size, large print, and a smaller personal size.

Zondervan NIV Study Bible, Large Print

Zondervan NIV Study Bible, Premium Edition

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Tyndale Bible

The Tyndale Bible was the first English translation of the Bible, predating the more popular King James Version by 85 years. At the time it had to be smuggled into England to get the Bible into the hands of people who could read it in their own language for the first time.

The Tyndale Bible went unedited for over 400 years until 1938 when the spelling was updated and modern verses numbers were added.

The Tyndale Bible can now be purchased as separate Old and New Testaments. A fascimile of the original New Testament can also be purchased.

Tyndale’s Old Testament

The New Testament: A Facsimile of the 1526 Edition

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Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible

The spirit of the reformation lives on in the Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible. This Bible approaches scripture through the eyes of the reformed theological heritage. It is also the first NIV study Bible to incorporate a summary of reformed theology.

In addition to including study notes from a reformed theological perspective, the Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible discusses major reformed doctrinal positions. It also includes important reformed statements of faith such as the Heidelberg Catechism and the Westminster Confession.

The Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible is available in hardcover in the NIV translation.

What is Reformed Theology?: Understanding the Basics

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Scofield Study Bible


The Scofield study Bible was originally published in 1909 and later revised in 1917.  The revised 1917 version is what most people are familiar with today.  With notes written by C I Scofield, it is held by many to be responsible for popularizing dispensationalism in the early 20th century.  (In short, dispensationalism is a way of looking at the way that God works with man and particularly the nation of Israel through His covenants.  It is in opposition to the theological view that is known as covenant theology.)  Before WWI, many thought that the world would continue improving until the return of Christ (a thought held by many covenant theologians).  These hopes were crushed with the advent of a world war and many started holding to the dispensational view.  After WWII, the Scofield Study Bible seemed prophetic to some as it advocated the fact that Israel would become a nation again (an important component of dispensational theology.)


Although Scofield did not create the idea, it was his study Bible that popularized the notion of adding up the biblical chronologies which led to a belief among many that the date of creation was 4004 B.C.  The literalness of this date is debated among even the most conservative Christian scholars but this gives you an idea of the kind of study notes that you will find contained within the study Bible.

The Scofield Study Bible is a classic study Bible, was perhaps the first Bible to be published with study notes, and is considered by many as the best cross-reference study Bible ever published. While the classic 1917 edition left little to be improved upon (and can still be purchased) new editions have been published in Bible translations other than the KJV.

The Scofield Study Bible contains everything that one would expect from a study Bible, study notes, cross references, maps, and charts. It has stood the test of time and is still regarded as one of the best study Bibles available.

The classic edition of the Scofield Study Bible is available in only the KJV. New editions are now available in the NIV, NKJV, ESV, and the Holman Christian Standard.  You can make the distinction between the old version because it is titled “Old Scofield Study Bible” while the newest version released in 2009 as a hundredth anniversary edition as referred to as Centennial Editions.

The Scofield Study Bible may be purchased in hardcover and leather bindings.


Click one of the links below for more information about pricing and options.

The Old Scofield Study Bible, KJV, Classic Edition

Scofield Study Bible III King James Version, Centennial Edition

Scofield Study Bible III NIV, Centennial Edition

The Scofield Study Bible III, English Standard Version

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Ryrie Study Bible

 About the Ryrie Study Bible


Charles Ryrie said, “The Bible is the greatest of all books; to study it is the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it the highest of all goals.”  So it is no surprise that he would go to such great lengths to help others study and understand the Bible by completing his own study Bible.

The Ryrie Study Bible was originally published in 1978 with study notes written by Charles Ryrie as the name suggests.  Originally it was published in the King James Version but with later revisions the Ryrie Study Bible became available in the NIV and NASB translations as well.

This study Bible contains over 10,000 notes by Ryrie including maps, timelines, charts, and diagrams.  In addition to Ryrie’s notes, there are also wide margins, made particularly so that you may write your own notes and thoughts alongside of the Biblical passages.

If the normal commentary isn’t enough there are also brief sections that discuss important Bible topics such as:

An overview of Bible doctrine

  • How the Bible was inspired
  • How to understand the Bible
  • How we got the Bible as it is today
  • The meaning of salvation
  • Archaeology and the Bible
  • A survey of church history

In addition to all of the study notes contained with the study Bible, the current edition of the Ryrie Study Bible comes with a free DVD that contains the Moody Bible Library.  This software costs over $400 if bought alone and makes the purchase of the Bible well worth the cost if only for use of the software.

The Ryrie Study Bible is available in hardcover and leather bindings. It can be purchased in numerous translations including NASB, NIV, and KJV.  For current pricing and more information, click on one of the links below.

The Ryrie KJV Study Bible Hardback- Red Letter with DVD

The Ryrie NIV Study Bible Hardback- Red Letter with DVD

The Ryrie NASB Study Bible Hardback- Red Letter with DVD

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Reformation Study Bible

The Reformation Study Bible is the first study Bible based on the English Standard Version. It contains study notes that stand in the theological tradition of the Reformation. It is edited by well known theologian R.C. Sproul and has numerous well known contributing biblical scholars such as J.I. Packer, James Boice, and Wayne Grudem.

In addition of thousands of study notes explaining passages of scripture, the Reformation Study Bible goes deeper with 96 notes on central doctrinal teachings of scripture.

The Reformation Study Bible replaces the Geneva Study Bible. The same editorial staff worked to produce this Bible under its new name.

The Reformation Study Bible is available in hardcover and leather bindings. It can be purchased in the English Standard Version and the NKJV translations.

What is Reformed Theology?: Understanding the Basics

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Rainbow Study Bible

The rainbow study Bible is currently sold under the name Full Color Bible. Old versions under the rainbow study Bible name can still be purchased new and used however. An older version may be attractive to some people as there are more buying options for the rainbow study Bible as opposed to the full color Bible.

This Bible is unique among study Bibles and is great for both new Christians and those who have been studying the Bible for a long time.

The rainbow study Bible color codes the Bible into different themes. Each theme is represented by a different color and every time the topic of a passage changes, so does the highlight color. No longer will you have to struggle with what the author is talking about. One glance at the color and you will know that he is discussing love or forgiveness or sin. The full color Bible breaks down scripture so that everyone can grasp the big picture of a biblical passage.

You can purchase the rainbow study Bible in hardcover, paperback, or leather. It is available in both the NIV, KJV, and Living Bible translations. A Catholic Rainbow Study Bible is also available.

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Quest Study Bible

The Quest Study Bible is unique among study Bibles because it attempts to answer the most commonly asked questions about the Bible and particular Bible passages. The editors of Christianity Today International and over 100 other respected Bible scholars have put together the notes within this Bible.

The Quest Study Bible has nearly 7,000 Bible notes put in the form of questions and answers. It also includes 150 charts, timelines, and maps that help to further illustrate the meaning of particular Bible passages.

The Quest study Bible is available in hardcover and leather bindings. It can be purchased in the NIV translation. A children’s version with over 500 questions and answers for children 6-10 is available in the NIrV translation.

Quest Study Bible, Personal Size

Quest Study Bible: The Question and Answer Bible

NIrV Kids’ Quest Study Bible: Real Questions, Real Answers (New International Readers Version)

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Parallel Study Bible

Parallel study bibles come in all different kinds. They are great for comparing how words are translated in different Bible versions. Each Bible translation is laid out side by side in columns. Parallel study bibles typically compare either two or four versions of the Bible. You can get a parallel study bible in almost any number of combinations but the most common versions that are included are the NIV, KJV, NKJV, NASB, NLT, and the Amplified version.

Parallel bibles are also known as comparative bibles because they are used to compare different Bible versions.

Today’s Parallel Bible

The Comparative Study Bible a Parallel Bible

Essential Evangelical Parallel Bible

The Layman’s Parallel Bible

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