About the articles in this section

This section of Spreading Light Ministries serves as my personal place to sound off on what’s on my mind in regard to religion, current events, and politics.  It will also serve as a place to provide updates on what is going on with Spreading Light Ministries.

I have no idea how often this will get updated but I’d like to provide at least one update a week so it is worth the time to come back and visit often.  Even better, like our Facebook page and get updates whenever something important is posted.

What you should expect from this site is a sort of view from the pulpit.  I believe that pastors see the world slightly different than everyone else, for better and for worse.  It is my hope to offer insight into the world around us and encourage others to remain strong in their faith.

I’ll try to stick with current events as they relate to Christians but occasionally something there may be something that is just bugging me enough that I have to get it off my chest.  I generally avoid discussing politics, so don’t expect many posts in that regard but occasionally I’ll feel the need to address something that has me unhappy.

Mainly though, I want give insight into the mind of a pastor, his frustrations and triumphs.  I hope that you’ll find it worth your while to read.

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